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Clarity Global launches its new Global Company website

To strenghtend its image and positioning on the market, together with the ongoing internal processes establishment and optimization, Clarity Global presents its new "look and feel" with launching a rebranded and redesigned company website.

Proffesionally executed and implemented,, presents the main Company product and services portfolio, emphasizing on the values and practices that will drive the Company development in the following years.

Check it out.

More exciting news around the company will follow.


Clarity Global Roadmap

The official Clarity Global Product Roadmap is ready to go public.

Based on the global market trends and analysis, presented on several forums in 2015, Clarity Global takes the high speed road to meet the new challanges of the technologies sector.

The ambicious Roadmap, encapsulates the Company Product development plans for the next 2 years, as the main focus will be put in a few key areas:

Existing Clarity Integrated solution enhancement and optimization, which to allow new features and improved processes to be build in the current Clarity Framework.

New Clarity Product line, presenting industry independent solution for process automation and optimization, built on new flexible technologies.

Big Data analytics, which brings a real value for the service providers with its smart data collection and analytical engines, which allow TB of data processing and drill, customer behaviour prediction, proactive networks monitoring and best decision and action definition in real time.